Private & White Label

Being a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to offer more services to our customers. We are proud to be able to offer you the possibility of creating your own board model, from A to Z.
Important to note that a minimum quantity to order (MOQ) per year is required for the launch of this type of project. Designed fee will apply. 

Benefits of Creating your Own Board Model

Your model is completely exclusive to you

Good way to differentiate yourself from the market, and therefore from your competitors

You are free to create the model you want, with the help of professionals with the necessary expertise to guide you in your project

Customizing our products to sell under your business name is the ideal way to sell products at minimal cost.

Do you want to sell one of our boards on the market?
Don't want to pay design fees?
Want to get the product quickly?

We offer you the possibility to order boards with a logo.
We can also take care of the individual packaging of your boards and the delivery.

Contact us now to discuss your projects

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