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Hardwoods are coveted materials for making durable products. The species of wood used for the manufacture of our products are maple, cherry, and walnut. These wood species are ideal for cutting boards, as the wood itself is very firm and the grain is soft and delicate.
The species we use to produce our boards are 100% food safe and because of their very firm grain, they are the 3 most popular solid wood species to produce this specific product. With their 3 different and beautiful finishes and natural colors, our boards can fit in every decor.


Origin: North-East America, Canada (New Brunswick, Ontario, Maritimes)

Gold tint with beige undertones. Due to its hardness and its very firm and soft grain, maple is ideal for making furniture, stairs, moldings and cutting boards. Due to its durability and the firmness of its grain, maple is a highly coveted species for the manufacture of cutting boards.



Origin: North-East America

Dark tint with orange undertones. The color darkens over time. Cherry wood is popular and loved by consumers and manufacturers for its soft texture and unique color shades.



Origin: Mid-West America

With its dark colors and distinguished look, walnut is really liked. Walnut is a semi-hard wood with a very fine grain. With its distinguished and beautiful dark color, walnut blends well with any decor. ​​


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