Cutting Boards Styles

You can find all our standard cuts here!
We specialize in 4 different types of cutting boards;
flat grain, edge grain, end grain and checkerboard.
Minimum quantity apply depending on size/thickness/style.

Flat Cut and Quarter Cut

The wood variations look most obvious in boards featuring these wood cuts. Indeed, the way the wood is positioned gives an extravagant appearance to the color of the species in which the board is designed.

Flat Cut

Thickness: ¾'' to 1-⅝''

Quarter Cut

From 1-½’’

Standing grain and checkered grain cutting

The wood grain of these cuts is firmer, the way the wood is positioned makes these cuts unique. By its firmness, the grain of the wood will tend to be damaged less quickly as well as the knives due to the fiber of the wood.

Standing Grain Cut

From 2-¾’’

Checkerboard Cut

From 2-¾’’

Cutting Boards Feet

Want to add something special to your cutting boards? We have many feet  possibilities to offer. 

Differentiate your products by adding a special feature to it!

Juice Groove Rainure

The juice groove is useful because it catches the juice from your meats and other foods as they are prepared. It helps keep your workstation clean while cooking and also makes cleaning easier.

→ Perfect for cooking juicy ingredients such as fruits or meat. 

→ Created to facilitate all kitchen tasks

→ Very useful while meal prep

→ Keeps your workplace clean and makes it easier to clean up when you are done


Mineral Oil

At Wood Hill Board, we sell the majority of our boards raw, so unfinished. This allows us to give you the option and offer the best possible price available on the market.

For the personalization of your boards, we offer you the possibility of receiving your oiled or raw boards. The finish we offer is mineral oil.

Mineral oil will feed your board to make it like new. In addition, mineral oil is the best oil to moisturize wood, since it helps prevent cracking and drying of the raw material.

Do you have a custom project?