Understanding the Distinction Between White Label and Private Label Products

White Label: White label products are generic goods produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made them. These products are often mass-produced and can be sold by multiple companies under different brands, allowing retailers to offer a wide range of products without investing in manufacturing.

Private Label: Private label products are manufactured by one company exclusively for another company under its own branding. This allows retailers to create unique product lines made to their brand identity and target market. Private label products are designed to be exclusive, offering retailers greater control over pricing, quality, and branding.


Wood Hill Boards

Specializing in crafting hardwood cutting boards, Wood Hill Boards leverages over 40 years of experience since 1977 to fulfill clients' needs. Our extensive catalog features a variety of hardwood cutting boards, including industry best-sellers, made to meet specific business requirements. We also offer customizable solutions, allowing clients to create unique board designs that align perfectly with their brand and customer preferences.

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